We believe that the supporting the development of the resilient physician is a critical aspect of training the internist of the future. Our focus on resilience includes:

  • Wellness programs for our trainees
  • Resiliency skill training
  • Training the reflective practitioner
  • Providing time and space for resilience and reflection activities
  • Health system support for wellness, resilience, reflection, referrals
  • Transparency around topics of wellness, resilience, reflection, burnout, fatigue, stress, support
  • Structures in training that support wellness, work life integration, reduce stress/fatigue

Wellness Programs (content coming soon)

Health System Programs (content coming soon)

Resiliency Skills Training (content coming soon)

The Reflective Practitioner

All residents develop their skills in reflecting on, in, and for action. Our program believes that the practice of reflecting builds resilience, thus decreasing burnout, fatigue, anxiety and stress. We believe in supporting the development of the resilient physician. All residents participate in the following programs:

  • Monthly training sessions in the first year in “reflection and resilience”
  • Creation of a digital story, an innovative, high-tech approach to bringing a story or experience to life. To view examples of digital stories created by some of our VCUHS physicians, please click on the following link:
  • Blogging (new 2015-2016)
  • Balint groups (new 2015-2016)
  • Regular self-assessment
  • Critical incident reviews